Membership Interest

We welcome you to our congregation, whether you have come from a Presbyterian background or not!  God calls us to worship Him, to share in fellowship with one another and to serve.

We believe you will find Christ here in our church, and we welcome new members to our congregation any time and pray that you will find your church home here with us.  In the information below, you will find answers to some of your questions regarding church membership.

The Session of First Presbyterian Church of Dade City receives new members in one of three ways:

  • Profession of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Letter of transfer from another Christian church
  • Reaffirmation of faith “ a reaffirmation of faith is the appropriate way for someone to join who has been away from the life of a church for awhile.  Or, for someone who belongs to a church which does not grant letters of transfer.

Let us know you are interested by:

  • checking the appropriate column on the attendance pad on Sunday morning, or
  • speak to an Elder, or
  • call/email the church office at (352) 567-2591 or secretary @