Being a congregation of more than 200, we have one full time staff member (Rev. Kevin) and several part time staff members.

Rev. Kevin Morris (Minister): Rev. Morris has been at the First Presbyterian Church since 1998. Kevin graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary in 1992 and accepted his first call in Kentucky, where he was ordained. He and his wife, Kim, have two children (Shannon and Joshua), cats (Bandit, Rosie and Adiline), and a dog (Zell-- who you may encounter on any given visit to the church office).
Cheryl Heath (Secretary): Cheryl, her husband, Mike, and son Walter (Trey) moved to Florida from California eight years ago to be near her son and granddaughter, David and Lily Greagrey. Cheryl worked as a Paralegal for a number of years, and more recently as a Domestic Violence Counselor. Feel free to contact her in regard to inquiries or administrative requests..
Jim Leininger (Music Director): Jim has been our chancel choir director for several years. He also directs the Joyringers Handbell Choir and the Youth Tone Chime Choir. In addition to his responsibilities at the church, Jim has recently retired and does musical composition and arrangement. We are indeed honored to have Jim and his talents.
Kitty Piersall (Organist): Dr. Piersall plays that beautiful organ that you see in the sanctuary, and she does it very well. She has been the organist here on and off for years. Kitty and her family have worshipped here with us for many years. Occasionally she and her granddaughter, Sarah, will treat us to a family duet.
Chloe Ann Dill (Pianist): Chloe Ann joined our staff after she and her husband, Joe, moved back to Florida. We are glad to have her on our staff.
Tasha Jackson (Sexton): Tasha has hit the ground running in her new position.  She is the one who keeps up the physical appearance of the church, indoors and out!  She is the mother of one son, Tristin.
Frank Smith (Keenagers Chef): Frank has been our chef for the Keenagers for a few years now. You will find him sweating over a hot stove most Wednesday mornings. Frank was the proprietor of a local cafeteria style eatery before cooking for the Keenagers. Frank is still very active and works with the Sea Bees in Tampa and also for Pasco Motors.